Registration for PodCamp Ohio 2 is Now Open!

14 February 2009 in News

Planning on attending PodCamp Ohio 2? Registration is now open! You can sign up to attend podcamp by clicking on the Participate tab above. We are excited that so many of you have been asking about this and are looking forward to seeing everyone there. Make sure to grab our rss feed or follow us on Twitter as well to keep up with all our activities and to get information on the future meet ups and planning sessions.

Coming soon will be session registration for those of you who would like to lead a session at PodCamp.

Don’t forget that the New Media Cincinnati meet up is later today.

14 February 2009 News


  1. Looking forward to attending this year because I so enjoyed last years event!

  2. wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

  3. Prolific blogger and Community Manager for Bash Foo Social Media. Ask me how to enhance your brand relevance through digital relationship management.

  4. I have done about 100 episodes of my fitness podcast -Get Fit Pod-I still have lot’s and lot’s to learn.