Random Podcamp Ohio 2 Vids

22 June 2009 in News

Now, what follows below is not videos of sessions. They are just a compilation of some random moments captured before, during, and after the Podcamp Ohio 2 event. Feel free to post your own videos and pics over on the #pco09 Facebook fan page. Enjoy!


Pre-Podcamp Ohio Party Video

21 June 2009 in News

I was trying to upload this on Friday night after getting back to the hotel, but that didn’t work. But, in case you missed the festivities, here is what happened the night before Podcamp Ohio 2.

Did you take pics and/or record video at Podcamp? I encourage you to post it up on the Facebook fan page where you can also become a fan. There you can continue the conversation and the fun which was started in Columbus this weekend!


Baja Sol Pics

19 June 2009 in News


Did you know that Podcamp Ohio has a Facebook fan page? You can also save pics to this fan page. Here are some pics and if you where at Baja Sol and took some pics, I encourage you to post them to the facebook pags as well. Thanks for everyone who stopped out. We had a great time!


Ignite Columbus 3 Video

19 June 2009 in Ignite Columbus, News

Are you like me and was not able to attend Ignite Columbus 3 on June 19, 2009? Well, mikemac29 recorded the sessions via ustream. Thanks for doing this, because I was able to catch some of these sessions. Check it out in the video above. See you at Podcamp on Saturday!


PodCamp Ohio Planning Podcast – Pre-PodCamp Planning

19 June 2009 in News, planning

Our last PodCamp Ohio planning podcast was great! we had a number of speakers call in and tell us about their sessions, made some last minute announcements and sponsor announcements.

On the show we had Daniel Lewis tell us about their sessions as well as discuss PodCamp. This is a great show to listen to if you want to get bumped for PodCamp Ohio!

Friday night we’ve lined up Baja Sol Restaurant and Bar (Google map) in the Lennox Town Center for PodCamp Ohio attendees. Baja Sol will have a special happy hour at their bar from 9-11pm for folks just coming into town today.

New Gold Sponsor: Avitae Energy Water

Avitae is a proud sponsor of this year’s PodCamp Ohio. Avitae Energy Water will be available to everyone attending PodCamp Ohio tomorrow. Thanks Avitaefor sponsoring our event!


Online Kickoff Party Wrapup

18 June 2009 in Events, News, Sponsor

Looking for something to listen to on your way to the Podcamp Ohio event? Why not download The Online Podcamp Ohio Kickoff Party which took place on The Doctor Anonymous Show on June 18, 2009.

Thanks so much to Angelo, Merry, Daniel, Jeremy, Rocky, Jamie, and Brother Wolf for calling into the show (I hope I didn’t miss anyone). We had a great time talking about the schedule and about the event.

I do have to tell you that I started the show a little late and I had to put some bumper music at the beginning. So, feel free to fast forward to about minute 13 to listen to the show. But, after that, it’s almost 2 hours of quality entertainment about Podcamp! Hope to see you at Podcamp this weekend!


PodCamp Ohio Online Kick Off Party Tonight!

18 June 2009 in Events, Ignite Columbus, News

The online kick off party for PodCamp Ohio is tonight on the Dr. Anonymous show. Please feel free to join us in the chat or on the call. If you are a presenter for PodCamp, call in and give a plug for the session you’re a leading. Also call in or join the chat if you just want to connect before coming to PodCamp Ohio.

The Dr. Anonymous Show starts at 9:00 PM tonight on Blog Talk Radio.  You can join tonight’s shoe here. By the way, it is Dr. Anonymous’ 3rd year blogging anniversary as well, so we have plenty to celebrate.  Come by and congratulate him!

Don’t forget the Ignite Columbus event on Friday night as well.  This is going to be a great weekend.


Avitae Energy Water Sponsors PodCamp Ohio!

18 June 2009 in Sponsor

PodCamp Ohio is pround to announce ávitae Energy Water as a Gold sponsor.

ávitae is made of purified water and natural caffeine derived from coffee beans. It contains no calleries, no colors, no flavors and only contains ingredients found in nature.  ávitae gives you the hydration you need without anything you don’t.

ávitae is providing enough of their product for everyone attending PodCamp Ohio! If ávitae may also have a sampling booth setup during lunch depending on legistics.

For more information about ávitae, please go to www.avitae45.com.


Chris Brogan speaking about PodCamp

18 June 2009 in Events, Ignite Columbus, planning

Ever wonder how PodCamp got started? I had an opportunity to interview Chris Brogan recently when he was in town to speak at the Ohio Growth Summit. He, along with Christopher Penn started PodCamp. Chris is a delightful person to talk to. If you ever get the chance to meet him, go introduce yourself, you’ll be glad you did.

We are well over 250 people registered for PodCamp Ohio! This is awesome! A few things we need.

I am still accepting volunteers to assist for a few hours either the night before beginning at 5pm at the site to help set up and stuff swag bags. Feel free to show up early for Ignite Columbus to help out. We still need volunteers the day of PodCamp as well. If you have recording equipment, feel free to bring it and record or Ustream the sessions you are planning to attend for those who can’t be with us. We can also use volunteers to help set up and clean up for lunch and clean up after the event as well. People who come to PodCamp are pretty considerate and for the most part, clean up after themselves so it will just be a matter of putting things back where they belong. If you can help out with any of these tasks, feel free to email me (mary [at] podcampohio [dot] com) to let me know. I will also need to know your shirt size.

If you need directions, there is a previous post with the details for how to get to the site.These are the same directions for Ignite. If you are coming to Ignite, please register to attend on their site so they can plan for you. Iginite will be providing free food and drinks so registering will help them plan for you.

The official Twitter hashtag for PodCamp Ohio is #pco09 (PCO + zero nine). If you are twittering at PodCamp, please use this tag. If you don’t know what a twitter hashtag is, I will be explaining that and more in my Twitter for Beginners session.  That’s all for now. See you at PodCamp!


Jamie Grove Sponsors PodCamp Ohio

17 June 2009 in Sponsor

Jamie Grove sponsors PodCamp Ohio 2009! Thank you very much for your Bronze sponsorship.

Jamie Grove is a long-time eCommerce mechanic, recently turned iPhone developer. He writes about not writing at How Not to Write (www.hownottowrite.com) and is the co-editor of iPhonespaz (www.iphonespaz.com). You can connect with him and download his apps at www.jamiegrove.com.